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This listing is for a chance to advertise your company, product, service, book, or whatever else. You can sponsore one of my Youtube videos on my Channel Rules for Rebels which has over 67,000 active and engaged subscribers.

This listing is for a chance to sponsor a video on my Youtube Channel which has over 67,000 subscribers and counting.

My channel is about Entrepreneurship, eCommerce, makng money online and a bit about self improvement. My audience is 18-35 mostly males and into business, social media, cryptocurrency, self improvement, investing and entrepreneurship. My audience is very engaged, I get a lot of interaction and comments, and my average video view length fluctuates between 4-6 minutes which is pretty good as far as Youtube goes.

This opportunity is for a sponsored video, not a dedicated video. This means I'll mention your company, website, product, etc as a sponsor at the beginning of one of my videos mention will last probably 10-15 seconds. This is not a dedicated video meaning I am NOT going to make an entire video about your product or business. I may be up for that but please message me, price will go up and I'll want to make sure it's something which fits with my channel.

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